Did you answer YES to the following questions?

Do you have any health issues?

… and are you tired of seeing so many specialists with no result.

Would you like to take your health into your own hands?

… and understand what’s going on with you body, but you are not sure how exactly to do that.

Are you willing to learn?

… and have open discussions.

Are you motivated to make a change in your life?

… and invest in your health and health of your family.

Now, I have a question for you: "Are you ready for a transformation?"

Intensive 4-week personal holistic health coaching program

This is an intensive, holistic program
where we work together on you specific health issue/s.

What you should not expect from me...

Čoko - ořech

I do not treat, but rather educate so you understand what your body needs for self-regulation.

I don’t provide information which are not based on evidence as well as experience (I don’t support “maybe”, “I think”…).

I cannot do the hard work for you.

I’m professionally independent so no MLM etc. All products I recommend are tested by myself or by my clients.

I do not know everything – I refer to other health professionals.

Hravě o živé stravě

RAWsome Kids ebook

RAWsome Kids is an evidence-based publication as well as a cookbook focusing on a suitability of long term raw foodism & veganism in children. The book “opens the door” to more eating styles and it is about “one eating style doesn’t fit all” approach. It is a kind and practical guide to plant based diet with information on what type of foods to introduce by age, what macro and micro-nutrients to watch and why, how to get enough of certain vitamin or mineral. The recipes are sorted by age. There is not such a publication out there. Currently available as an ebook.

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