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Jana Přibylová, MSc

I met Eva about a 1,5 year ago when she was publishing her new book RAWsome Kids. That time, I wouldn’t have thought how much Eva helps me in the future…

I used to take contraceptive pills (CP) as many other women. My doctor prescribed CP while I was suffering with anorexia and my period was not present for many months. Faked periods then started and took 7 long years. However, after I had stopped taking CP, the period didn’t come at all for 1,5 year.

My gynaecologist suggested injections to provoke my period. I agreed, but it didn’t work. Then he suggested a hormonal therapy which I refused. I must say, that my doctor is a great man, he understood my wish and referred me to another doctor practising TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). I have undergone a year using acupuncture and homeopatics which helped a bit. It was, however, necessary to think about nutrition and balancing my body even more.

I cannot thank Eva enough. She did a holistic analysis of my case and came up with a therapeutic plan, mainly based on nutrition to get nutrients my body was lacking. I have been a vegetarian since my childhood and I have been on raw vegan lifestyle for a while. So it was necessary to critically assess my health and come up with a well balanced meal plan to nourish my body with nutrients I was missing so I can get ready for a pregnancy.

I had completed two detailed questionnaires and after analysing them by Eva, we had a video-conference. Eva explained in great details what is going on in my body and what needs to be done. It has not finished by this conversation and Eva has been an ongoing help for me since. Her follow ups are very frequent and she makes sure you are doing well. If you struggle, she is always willing to help (even for free!). My period is now regular!

Except a well balanced meal & therapeutic plan, Eva has become my friend.. her kindness and empathy has helped me to go through a difficult period of my life..

Eva is a person with warm heart! She shares maximum information with her clients and really cares about them. I appreciate what she does for others and wish her and her family all the best.

With love,

Petra Holasová

Dear Eva,
At the beginning of this year I contacted you concerning the health of my daughter Gabriela. She had been suffering from a pimple-like rash all over her body as well as sporadic eczema. The doctors were rather at their wits’ end and they repeatedly prescribed her various kinds of corticosteroids which I wanted to avoid . Yet, nothing helped and it looked rather worse than better, so we decided to try herbal baths. These were quite OK but Gabriela’s rash didn’t seem to be disappearing, perhaps just a bit. That’s why I decided to contact you and ask you for help, in the best case in the form of a proper diet.

Your reaction was very fast and you really suggested changing the eating habits of my daughter. I did as you had advised and the rash gradually disappeared. However, Gabriela started to suffer from constipation, so I had to ask you for advice again. And again, you didn’t hesitate to come up with a detailed piece of advice. I thus introduced more fat into my daughter’s diet and changed the probiotics. Moreover, I myself came across the information that suggested adding fresh blueberries as well. And, lo and behold, it helped.

Two months later, Gabriela shows no signs of rash, eczema and constipation.

Also, I’d love to mention your readiness to send me a natural ointment from Australia that isn’t sold in the Czech Republic. It really helped to get rid of the minor pimples, yet not the larger swollen ones. I’ll keep on following your advice.

Eva, once more, please accept my sincere thanks. I’ll be happy if I can contact you in the future when any problems arise.

Bye for now.
Yours sincerely, Petra H

Klara Dlouha and Silvia Yoder

Video where Klara Dlouha’s and Silvia Yoder’s share their experience from holistic health retreat run by Eva in Australia (video is in Czech language).


RAWsome Kids ebook

RAWsome Kids is an evidence-based publication as well as a cookbook focusing on a suitability of long term raw foodism & veganism in children. The book “opens the door” to more eating styles and it is about “one eating style doesn’t fit all” approach. It is a kind and practical guide to plant based diet with information on what type of foods to introduce by age, what macro and micro-nutrients to watch and why, how to get enough of certain vitamin or mineral. The recipes are sorted by age. There is not such a publication out there. Currently available as an ebook.

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