Intensive Personal Holistic Health Coaching

This is an intensive, holistic program where we work together on you specific health issue/s. During 30 plus days, I guide you through your lifestyle change form A to Z. At the end of this program you will be clear about the root problems of your health and other issues and what to do in order to reduce/eliminate the problem. It is a very practical rather than theoretical program where you become to understand what changes are required in your current lifestyle and why.

After 30 plus days you can expect positive changes (mild to significant changes), including a complete elimination of your issue/s. Obviously, the results are individual and depend not only on your dedication and drive, but also on the type of your problem (overweight or obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes type I or II, cancer, thyroid dysfunction, eczema, IBS etc.).

1st Week

A warm up

You will be required to complete an extensive and detailed questionnaires as well as we arrange an initial video conference. The completion takes 7 days.

2nd Week


You will be required to complete an extensive and detailed questionnaires as well as we arrange an initial video conference. The completion takes 7 days.

3rd Week

Let’s turn theory into practice!

After we agree the detailed analysis with specific recommendations, we move onto a practical part of the program.

4th Week


We sum up what we have learned, practised and went through over the three weeks and focus on sticking to the plan by yourself!

What are we going to experience during these 30 plus days?

1st Week

blank-formYou will be required to complete an extensive and detailed questionnaires. We also arrange an initial video conference. The completion takes 7 days. During the first week, I intensively prepare the practical part of the program.

2nd Week

analyze I analyse your questionnaires during the second week which includes laboratory tests reading if provided as well as anthropometrics data.
For instance – if you suffer from being overweight, have tried to lose weight for years, but with no success, the main issue may not lay with your poor meal plan or being physically inactive. Instead, you may have a hormonal imbalance which is causing your weight problem. These are the root problems we are going to discover together during the program (you might be required to undergo a further testing such as blood, stool, urine etc. to identify certain nutrient deficiencies, SIBO, parasites etc. This part is a bit detective work for me and I mainly use tools of functional medicine.

3rd Week

food-changeAfter we agree the detailed analysis with specific recommendations, we move onto a practical part of the program. This is where the most people struggle with if they do everything by themselves! I’ll “walk” through your kitchen and suggest changes such as getting rid of certain ingredients and subsidise with certain food & superfoods suitable for your case (I use the principals of functional & therapeutic nutrition). I explain where to source organic food, what to look for, which chemicals to avoid both in food and cosmetics, how to treat water and more information based on your individual case (how to naturally eliminate parasites, detoxification of certain organ systems, how to get rid of certain food type addictions, how to combine certain food types in order to increase absorption of certain micro nutrients.. etc etc.). All information will be provided in written/an ebook or video form so you can always come back to it.

We go through your new meal plan and I share recipes with you so you know exactly how to prepare certain therapeutical meals. If any natural supplements are recommended, these will be shipped to your home address (see Q&A to find out more).

After three weeks, you normally feel confident in what you do and why you do it. Any related questions are answered by myself.

I also suggest a suitable exercise plan depending on your physical skills. Some people need an interval training, yoga, high rate exercises, whereas others with more severe disease might benefit from meditation, yoga and breathing exercise.

4th Week

results1We sum up what we have learned, practised and went through over the three weeks and focus on sticking to the plan by yourself! I also share tips on how to deal with social pressures, handy and healthy foods for travelling, how to identify your life purpose which would fulfil you in the future.

In about 65% 30 days would not be enough to feel comfortable with the new lifestyle and more days are required just for an assurance. This is totally fine and understandable. We are all different with our own adaptive curve. Hence we may carry for another week for no additional costs!

Frequent Q&A

Who is this program suitable for?

This program is suitable for anybody who is motivated, determined and hungry for a positive change. For anyone who is willing to observe, discuss and follow agreed recommendations. This program is suitable for an individual or for a whole family, or just a few family members keen to participate. If there are more people participating then I do an analysis for each member presenting with a certain health problem and suggest realistic meal plans suitable for the whole family.

How intensive is the program and how many hours per week?

The communication takes place 3-5 hours per week so an hour daily or a couple of hours every second day, depending on your circumstances (mothers with little children or a busy manager cannot be on the phone or computer for hours). The program is manageable by anyone really unless you don’t have an internet connection and not even a spare hour for communication with me. In total, we will spend 20-25 hours together plus many hours of researching and analysing your case.

What results can I expect and what are the results of other who already participated in such or similar program?

Pavla Vaňharová, Prague, CR
„Eva, based on detailed questionnaires which I completed, came up with recommendations as well as detailed meal plan (including ALL recipes, I think there were 27 of them). She helped me to uncover my weaknesses despite the fact that I have been eating a healthy, mainly raw vegan diet for a while. Although I’m a raw vegan, diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I struggled to lose weight for years. After following Eva’s recommendations and meal plan, after 4 weeks I could see the weight was dropping and I felt great.
I could ask Eva any question (Health, food, relationship, exercise related) and she always answered with incredible patience and together, we always found a solution to a specific issue. You can feel the love Eva is putting in her work and working with her is not a directive approach, but more co-operative approach. She always ensures you feel comfortable with the her recommendations and tells you the truth! So it is not only about food. Eva, thank you for your detailed analysis, meal plan, effort and incredible knowledge and experience.“

Daniela W, London, UK
„I was successful achieving my dream weight after three weeks of following Eva’s detailed meal plan and recommendations. Thank you so much, Eva!“

Katka Muchová and her expereince with a holistic health retreat in Australia (in Czech language)

Nikola Poledníková, Brno, CR
“I’m so thankful to Eva and her approachable attitude. Although I have never met Eva personally (only online), you can feel her warm heart and open shoulders. Eva has helped our 2 years old son with his diabetes type I. She helped us to understand what is going on in his body and why and how to avoid hyperglycaemia which he really struggled the most especially in the evenings. She introduced us functional foods which are therapeutical for our son and shared very delicious recipes. Her book Rawsome Kids is helping us a lot too! Eva created an individual meal plan for our son with recommendations. We worked together intensively, especially on specific recommendations which were not always easy to achieve (avoiding certain food groups and subsidisation with a new one etc) for a month. After a month of hard work, son’s blood sugar levels had dropped and his doctor recommended lower insulin doses asking what we were doing :). Oh, Eva, you are our angel! Huge thanks!“

Video where Klara Dlouha’s and Silvia Yoder’s share their experience from holistic health retreat run by Eva in Australia (video is in Czech language).

How much is this program?

The price is between $1,500 – $2,500 AUS depending on your circumstances (number of participants).

Do I have to attend a class, how do we communicate?

You don’t have to physically go anywhere. We set up a day and time for the initial video conference and agree days and times of communications for the next 30 days. When I do the health analysis, I use video as a tool to assess certain things such as your skin, teeth, tongue, eyes etc.). You need a computer with a video and audio and an internet connection. All communication is online.

Do I have to pay additional money for recommended lab tests and supplements?

Within this program, recommended supplementation is included up to $150, but you would need to pay by yourself for further tests as the price varies around the Globe (but totally up to you if you get yourself tested or not. Obviously, if you do, I would have a better idea of what is going on in your body).

Do we communicate over the weekends?

No, we have a rest over the weekends to “digest” everything what we have learned 🙂

Can this program treat certain condition?

This program is not to treat a certain health condition and doesn’t guarantee such achievement! It is more about personal coaching, understanding your condition and educating yourself theoretically as well as practically how to help your body to deal with a certain condition naturally and increasing the chance of a recovery.

Contact me!

Let’s have an initial 10-15 minutes conversation about how we can work together.