Private consultations

I offer private or group consultations (up to 3 people) in case you have a specific questions related to your case. I answer either via email (3 questions max.) or via skype video conference.

The price is $100 AUS/hour. If you were my clients in the past, then the fee is discounted to $80 AUD/hour.

What can I expect from consultations & webinars?

Professional consultations addressing your health issue/s.
Personal & friendly approach.
Webinar created for a topic you are interested in.
Video record of webinars so you can always come back to it.


If you seek professional answer or an opinion to a specific topic then do not hesitate to contact me for a group webinar. It is suitable for a group of people interested in the same topic or health professionals who wish to discuss a certain topic in depth. I mainly cover topics on health, nutrition and coaching.

How does it work?

Webinar is an online seminar on a certain topic and takes from 60-120 minutes. Webinar is a live online seminar. I use a special software to run these. It doesn’t matter if you are not live at an agreed day & time as I always record webinars so you can replay the video and keep it for a future reference. Another advantage is that you can sit anywhere around the Globe and listen in.

Webinars are suitable for a group of up to 60 people.

Price: Please, contact me directly as the price depend on the topic and webinar’s length.

Contact me!

Let’s have an initial 10-15 minutes conversation about how we can work together.