Holistic Health Analysis & Therapeutic Nutritional Plan

It is normally a 2-week program where you need to complete detailed questionnaires the first week of the program. You also provide me with all required information such as lab tests, medical history for the analysis. If there are more tests required (stool, urine etc.) then I wait until I have all necessary information for a detailed analysis.

The lab tests needs to be up to date, no more than 3 months old.

After I analyse all data provided by yourself, I come up with a 15-30 pages document, describing root causes of your health issues, how to overcome those and I also come up with a personalised meal & therapeutic plan suitable for your condition. I may also suggest certain natural supplements. The plan is very practical and implementable (no non-sense and unrealistic recommendations).

I use tools of functional and preventive medicine for the holistic analysis as well as tolls of functional nutrition. You get one Q&A email with your questions within the price of the program which I normally answer within 24 hours. In total, we communicate for 2-4 weeks.

Personal coaching and further consultations are not included in the price, however, you can book these with me.

What can I expect from this program?

Holistic analysis of your health.
Detailed 15-30 pages plan written for you so you can always come back to it.
Personalized meal plan specific for your health condition/s.
Health improvement.

Frequent Q&A.

Who is this program for?

For anyone who is ready to take their health into their own hands and willing to experience a partnership approach with health professionals rather than a directive approach. The program is for those who are seeking other alternatives to conventional medicine. The program is suitable for children, women preparing themselves for pregnancy. It would suit those who are well disciplined and able to implement suggested recommendations by themselves.

How much is the analysis?

The fee is $397 AUS (15% discount applies for women on maternity leave and students).

Do I have to pay for suggested natural supplements?

Supplements up to $90 AUS are included (postage needs to be paid by a clients, free within CR).

Can I book additional consultation with you if needed?

Yes, the following consultations are discounted for you from $100 AUD/hour to $80 AUD/hour, including GST.

Contact me!

Let’s have an initial 10-15 minutes conversation about how we can work together.