10 tips on how to increase energy

In this article, I’d like to share my 10 practical tips on how to increase energy and keep you healthy

This is especially for all of you, struggling with some health issues, additional weight, and low energy levels.

Anybody can benefit from these tips and I would love to hear from you once you try them out!


So here are my 10 tips on how to increase your energy and get your health to a better state:

  1. Start your day with either a green smoothie or a green juice. I’m not talking about fruit dairy cocktails nor pasteurised juices! These must be made fresh, from organic fruits and vegetables and consumed immediately! Leafy green vegetable give you lots of energy, vitamins and minerals which your body needs after your ‘fast’ over night.
  2. Start using powerful and high-quality superfoods such as maca, lucuma, cacao powders, acai and marine phytoplankton! These ancient and natural foods are highly nutritious, increase your energy and keep your nerve system in a good condition!
  3. Add omega 3 fatty acids to your dishes. Omega 3s are so beneficial not only to your mental state but also to your skin condition. You have great plant sources of omega 3 such as flax or chia seeds (oils). Hemp seeds or oil is also a great source of both, omega 6 and omega 3s. Add 1 tea spoon to your breakfast or lunch salad! Great for kids too!
  4. Take a break from whatever you do every 90 minutes and concentrate your mind to your inner self. Practice meditation or if you are not there yet, start practising yoga (at least 10 minutes per day). You will calm your mind and once you return to whatever you are doing, your mind will be refreshed.
  5. When you get up in the morning, be positive! Do not be disappointed or stressed out because of terrible weather or the fact you are having a very busy day ahead. Remind yourself that you are here on the planet to work hard as well as enjoy! CHOOSE to be happy rather than unhappy and grumpy. You’ll see the difference if you DECIDE to be happy.
  6. Make sure you eat at least 55% of fresh, organic and raw foods. Your plate should reflect that. If you feel like something heavy (such as meat, cheese etc.) always add some leafy green vegetables with it. Salad dressings are the key to really enjoy leafy green vegetables. Tahini, mixing with lemon, garlic a bit of water, olive oil and raw honey (by the way, please do not bake with honey! It can become toxic!) is a perfect and yummy dressing to start with.
  7. Be active! I’m not talking about running miles every day! I’m talking about taking gentle exercise. Choose walking instead of driving, choose steps instead of taking lifts. Choose to take your kids to the beach, lake, forest etc. instead of being passive. If you are really tired for a no particular reason, there is something wrong!
  8. Try to avoid or at least reduce all stimulants and toxins such as caffeine, alcohol, energy drinks, refined sugar, dairy, flour, refined grains (white bread, pasta, white rice) and switch to healthy alternatives such as fresh plant milk (almond, cashew, coconut), raw crackers, green juices, raw deserts, nut&seeds cheeses and cream, buckwheat flour, amaranth, quinoa etc. EAT LOTS OF DAIRY FREE FERMENTED FOODS!
  9. Fast one day per week! When I talk about fasting, I mean a water fast when you preferably drink only distilled water. Why distilled water? Well, because distilled water is pure H2O without any minerals or inorganic additives hence there is not pressure on your digestive system and it can really have a rest! I personally prefer a Friday or Monday fast (before or after a weekend when we normally socialise a bit more with our friends). Remember, after one day of your fast, you should be very gentle on your digestive system the following day, meaning, please do not eat chips or meat after your fast. Instead, grab some fruit and veggies.
  10. The last, but not least is to work on your inner self, relationships and your psyche. Remember, yo can eat as healthy as you can, but if you have very ‘toxic’ relationships” or you are extremely stressed at work, this will have a huge impact on your well-being! My experience with working with people is that your health depends on two major things:

a) your psychological status (60%) – how you feel, what you do, who you live with, how you handle stressful situations etc.
b) nutrition (40%) – what you digest and absorb!

As Hippocrates said more than 2,000 years ago: “All disease begins in the gut”.