Health Retreat in Australia testimonial by Petra B.

I am very happy and thankful for this amazing retreat oportunity with amazing family in Australia. I come from New Jersey and I stayed with Eva’s family for 6 weeks. I supposed to stay 4 weeks but I prolonged my stay for 2 more weeks. That’s the sign how amazing and worth this retreat is. If I could I would have stayed few more months 🙂


Before I joined this retreat program my eating habbits had been pretty good but I felt I need to do some more steps forward to accomplish my goal to feel healthy and happy with my life. I was looking for more inspiration, for guidance and inspirative people from whom I can learn from. I live in New Jersey and climate conditions are not perfect to eat only raw food. But here in Australia it become more than natural to eat raw food due to the weather conditions, and organic fruits and veggies taste different, they taste and smell like the real ones. So under all these circumstances it wasn’t that hard to eat mostly vegan and raw.


Another and one of the most important reason why I applied for this program was my health issues. I had candida overgrowth in my blood, gyn problems, acne problem, rashes on my skin, itch on my legs and arms (reactions to particular foods), sleep issues and bad dreams, migraine and cramps during my period. After these weeks here in Australia I can tell the big difference so I know I am on the right journey how to be healthy young woman again 🙂 When you see results you are more motivated and I definitely can tell the difference. Raw organic food make me feel PURE, HEALTHY and more confident to achieve my goals.


My retreat included proffesional YOGA classes as well and it was amazing experience in lovely enviroment with lovely people. It helped me a lot to calm my mind down and enjoy this stay even more. I have learned a lot from Eva’s experience. We could talk about anything, I had a lot of questions about nutrition and I got my answers. We did prepare a healthy and delicious food together and I got a lot of inspirations.

We could discuss really any topic I had in my mind and this amazing family become my good friends and I hope I’ll come back to visit them again.

The main reason why I’ve changed my diet to raw and vegetarian food was my health of course. I did have several health issues so after mz research I started to realize that the best medicine how to heal my body would be food. You are what you eat and what I had to learn is to listen to my body. Because your body will tell you exactly what is good or bad for you. I had already started to eat healthier about 2 years ago but I didn’t eat only raw food or only organic food. So that’s why I wanted to stay with Eva and see the difference.


This retreat stay here in Australia gave me guidance not only to my health but also to my mind. A lot of my health issues have improved but also my mind become calmer and clearer.
I have more energy and I am not afraid to face the challenges. I became more open minded and positive person.


There is nothing more important than our health. Miracles nothing gonna happen from day to day, it’s a journey but with very motivated results. Only when we are healthy and full of energy we can really enjoy life.

Petra Braxatorisova