Review of Optimum 9400 Blender

As a raw foodist, I´d love to share my experience and recommendations related to the Australian Optimum 9400 blender from

We bought this particular high speed blender in Australia three years ago. I´m so glad it´s available commercially also in Europe (including the Czech Republic and Slovakia) now and I believe it´ll make lots of people happy easing the preparation of delicious, not only raw food recipes.

When me and my family were deciding what top-quality, high speed blender to buy, we considered the following brands:

Vitamix – US brand and US production
Optimum – Australian brand, produced in Taiwan and China
Thermomix – production of Vorwerk company (France and Germany)

Having tested all the three blenders listed above, the one that fitted us most was the Optimum 9400 machine, namely for these reasons:

  1. The price of Optimum is much lower than that of Thermomix or Vitamix, particularly thanks to cheaper production in Taiwan and China.
  2. Its performance based on 2,000 kW and up to 44,000 rpm (revolutions per minute) is very good. Using the Thermomix, I had to grind nuts for a much longer time in order to obtain really smooth consistency necessary for making raw desserts, dips and spreads. The Vitamix is also a powerful machine, but when making, for example, a black kale smoothie, it was obvious that the Optimum was a better choice option as the smoothie was smoother.
  3. Usefulness – in this respect, the Vitamix is comparable to the Optimum, the only additional feature of the Vitamix is the heating function. (Thermomix disposes of many more functions that you will appreciate especially if you love cooking. Nevertheless, for us these are more or less redundant.). If you are preparing, for example, a raw soup, the Vitamix will nicely heat it up for you to more than 48 °C, whereas the Optimum heats things up just slightly.
  4. The function of dry blending – the Optimum is the ideal help when it comes to grinding nuts and seeds (just make sure the jug is really dry). In this respect, the Vitamix didn´t seem to be that powerful and, moreover, the older models require an extra container for grinding.
  5. People also ask me to compare the Optimum 9400 and 8200. As for me, the 9400 is definitely the winner for us! It has a larger jug (2l vs 1.5l) and, generally, it blends much, much better.

Furthermore, in the Czech Republic I had a chance to test the G21 blender you often ask me about as well. The blender is attractive for its price and specifications. As I see it, it is sufficient for daily use in the kitchen, yet the quality of its parts can hardly equal the above-mentioned blenders, hence the lower price. Some might see the 2.5l jug as an advantage. On the other hand, it´s noisier than the Vitamix or the Optimum and it gets hot when being used.

A also tested the Omniblend. In the past the same JTC in Thaiwan were making both blenders – the Omniblend as well as the Optimum. These two blenders were comparable. A couple of years ago, Optimum started producing their parts in a different factory, so it has nothing to do with the JTC manufacturer now.

The best is to test the blenders yourself – just borrow them from somebody and do your own reviews as I did. Everyone is different and one blender simply doesn’t fit all.

Watch a video in which I´m using the Optimum 9400 for making raw ice-cream.


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